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Stormy G20 ends with opt-outs for Trump on climate, trade

World leaders made concessions on trade and climate language to Donald Trump Saturday at the end of the most fractious and riot-hit G20 summit ever, in exchange for preserving a fragile unity of the club of major industrialised and emerging economies.

At Ikea, Chinese shoppers make themselves at home

When it's sweltering in Shanghai, do as the locals do and settle down for a nap at Ikea -- if you can find an open bed.

US architect creates paper 'forest' inside museum

Jeanne Gang has dedicated her life to using architecture and design to connect people of various backgrounds who otherwise would not interact.

Thailand leads the pack for Asia's abused tourist elephants

Twice as many elephants work in Thailand's tourism industry as the rest of Asia combined, with the vast majority kept in "severely inadequate conditions", a new report revealed Thursday.

Zeti and her Chinese tutor

An emotional reunion after more than half a century.

Fresh G20 clashes in Hamburg, police cars torched

Protesters clashed with police, torched patrol cars and blocked roads in the German city of Hamburg on Friday in fresh violence just before the start of the G20 summit, police said.

Chinese aircraft carrier arrives in Hong Kong

China's sole operational aircraft carrier arrived in Hong Kong for the first time Friday in a display of military might less than a week after a high-profile visit by president Xi Jinping.

GST defaulters barred from leaving country

Business owners owing GST will now join PTPTN, company and individual income tax defaulters in the list of people barred from leaving the country.

28 inmates killed in Mexico prison riot

Rioting inmates at a Mexican prison slit their rivals' throats and beat them to death Thursday, leaving 28 dead in the latest explosion of violence in the country's often lawless jails.

E-card: First employer charged in court

An employer failing to apply for E-cards for his illegal foreign workers was charged in the court this morning, the first of its kind in the country.


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