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US$129bn in extreme weather losses last year

Extreme weather caused some $129 billion (111 billion euros) in economic losses last year, said a report Tuesday that warned the bill will keep climbing as climate change boosts droughts, storms and floods.

Thailand revokes passports of exiled former PM Yingluck

Thailand has revoked the passports of ousted premier Yingluck Shinawatra, who has yet to publicly emerge since she slipped out of the country two months ago ahead of judgement day in her negligence trial, officials said Tuesday.

N. Korea denies involvement in WannaCry cyberattack

North Korea has slammed Britain for accusing it of being behind a global ransomware attack that hit the National Health Service, calling the allegation a "wicked attempt" to further tighten international sanctions against Pyongyang.

'Datuk Seri' surrenders

A Datuk Seri who beat up RELA volunteers has surrendered himself to the Ampang Jaya police headquarters.

City flooded after downpour

Thanks to hours of heavy downpour, many parts of Klang valley are submerged in floodwaters.

Color-blind generosity

A successful Indian Malaysian businessman who knows no racial boundaries when it comes to charity.

Crunch day for Catalonia as Madrid takes control

Spain enters uncharted and potentially perilous territory on Monday as Madrid moves to take over the running of Catalonia in response to the rebellious region's parliament unilaterally declaring independence.

Saudi to open sports stadiums to women in reform push

Saudi Arabia will allow women into sports stadiums for the first time from next year, authorities said Sunday, in a landmark move opening up three previously male-only venues to families.

Pigging out: internet mocks McDonald's new China name

McDonald's in China provoked snorts of laughter Thursday, as internet users mocked a ham-fisted new company name that sounds a lot like the Chinese word for a pig eating.

SJKCs: a boon for all Malaysians

The announcement reflects the government's recognition of the value of multi-stream education as well as the status of SJKCs as an invaluable asset to the country.


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