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UEC: BN fears losing Malay votes

"Now we want to win the Malay votes, and we can do it because we are a Malay party... We can talk to them!"

Indonesia hands over 1MDB-linked luxury yacht to FBI

A luxury yacht linked to allegations that $4.5 billion was looted from Malaysia's state investment fund 1MDB is being handed over to the FBI, which is probing the scandal, Indonesian police said Thursday.

11 Asia-Pacific states to sign trade deal without US

Eleven Asia-Pacific nations on Thursday are to sign a slimmed-down trade pact to lower tariffs just as US President Donald Trump seeks to raise them after withdrawing from the deal last year.

Preview of PH manifesto

In addition to the abolition of GST and highway tolls, the 60 pledges include also limiting the tenure of prime minister to two terms and that the prime minister will not hold any ministerial position.

RON95 up 1 cent

RON95 up 1 cent to RM2.21 per liter, RON97 unchanged at RM2.47, and diesel down 1 cent to RM2.17.

PH seeks at least 21 days for campaigning

Wan Azizah says the EC should consider a campaigning period of at least 21 days for parties and candidates to approach voters.

North Korea talks offer a defining challenge for Trump

North Korea's surprise offer of nuclear talks has thrown Donald Trump the biggest global challenge of his administration -- and prompted a rare show of restraint from the usually outspoken president.

Maria says will not join any party

To avert a three-cornered fight, Maria Chin says she will contest on the ticket of a Pakatan Harapan component.

FBI never asked us: IGP

IGP Mohd Fuzi Harun says FBI never sought the assistance of Malaysia to locate Equanimity before it was seized by the Indonesian authorities.

Saudi women will drive but face bumpy road to empowerment

Mervat Bukhari, a force of nature draped head-to-toe in Islamic niqab, braved insults and taunts to become the first Saudi woman to work at a gas station, something unimaginable not long ago.


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