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Huawei founder says oversea smartphone sales down 40%

The founder of Huawei said Monday that the embattled Chinese telecom giant's overseas smartphone sales had tumbled by 40 percent this year as it grapples with a US push to clip the company's wings.

A history of massive Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong protesters have piled the pressure on pro-Beijing leader Carrie Lam with a series of huge demonstrations against a divisive bill to allow extraditions to mainland China.

Hong Kong leader apologizes as rally chokes city

About two million protesters choked Hong Kong's streets in a powerful rebuke of a reviled extradition law, organisers said Sunday, piling pressure on the city's embattled pro-Beijing leader who apologised for causing "conflict" but refused to step down.

Climate change on track to reduce ocean wildlife by 17%

Climate change is set to empty the ocean of nearly a fifth of all living creatures, measured by mass, by the end of the century, researchers have calculated.

Turkish artist goes viral with stark misery/comfort images

A Starbucks cup merging with a crowd around a dried-up well, or a yacht spliced with a boat full of refugees: powerful collages by a Turkish artist have taken the internet by storm.

From homework to helmets, Hong Kong's protesters evolve and harden

The optimism that once defined Hong Kong's pro-democracy rallies has been replaced by desperation and foreboding as young protesters flood the streets again, this time ready to fight in what feels like a last-ditch battle for the city.

Pressure mounts on Hong Kong leader from her own allies

Hong Kong's embattled leader faced mounting pressure on Friday to abandon a deeply unpopular plan to allow extraditions to China as key allies urged a rethink following unprecedented political unrest.

RON97 plunges 22 sen

RON97 plunges a whopping 22 sen to RM2.41 per liter, while RON95 and diesel remain unchanged at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per liter respectively.

Hong Kongers alarmed by Google translation gaffe

Hong Kong social media lit up on Friday when protesters noticed Google's translation software was briefly churning out a rather odd suggestion during a week that has seen the worst political violence to hit the city in decades.

Huge security operation as Indonesia court hears poll rigging claims

Tens of thousands of security personnel fanned out across Jakarta Friday as a court heard a defeated presidential challenger's claim that Indonesia's 2019 election was rigged -- allegations that spawned deadly rioting last month.



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