My Sinchew/ FGV

Former Felda chairman remanded for 5 days

Isa Samad will be remanded for five days to assist in the investigation on purchases of two luxury hotels by FIC.

Did you smell anything unusual?

Deferring the election to next year may not be a good idea for Najib!

The Scandal King

Mahathir's "political legacy" has done immeasurable damage to this country.

Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs

FGV's poor performance, along with the endless scandals have disenchanted many a Felda settler, causing them to lose their faith in the government.

The curse of letters

These sets of letters are enough to cause a headache individually. Imagine they all come together at once!

Isa, wife give statements at MACC

The couple have been summoned by MACC for questioning over possible abuse of power and other irregularities in relation to FGV.

Isa's appointment controversial: Syed Hamid

"We need to be transparent so that the public will be happy with the government's appointment and that there will be no controversy."

Not yet time for GE14

Najib is a very cautious, risk-averse man. The loss of more seats by British PM Theresa May in a hastily conducted election should serve as a warning.

It's mismanagement, again

The country and her people have paid an astronomical price for mismanagement and lax supervision on the part of government-linked companies..

Be answerable to shareholders

Any shift in FGV's business performance and investment directions will affect Felda, which boasts a multitude of settlers to whom FGV needs to answer.



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