My Sinchew/ GE14

Ooh! What a crowded playing field

It's no secret that BN is not “too keen or comfortable“ facing straight fights and a united opposition.

The faint signs of Malay Tsunami

If more Malay voters swing away from BN, the final outcome could be a real shocker, not unlike the US presidential election or the UK Brexit referendum.

Malaysians poke fun at 1MDB scandal with 'Kleptopoly'

A Malaysian board game based on "Monopoly" is taking aim at the massive 1MDB scandal ahead of elections, featuring a motley crew of figures central to the controversy and items allegedly bought with looted money.

Caretaker govt approves 65,000 new civil service positions

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa says the caretaker government has approved additional 65,000 new civil service positions to meet the needs of TN50.

In far and away Perlis...

A significant impact on Perlis BN will only be possible with a powerful anti-establishment sentiment.

Najib: I can win with over 40,000-vote majority

The prime minister has confidence he can win with a majority of more than 40,000 votes this time.

Don't let politics kill our harmony

Lest we forget, political positions aside, there are still plenty of values and similarities that we share together as Malaysians.

Say 'no' to ship-jumping

While the elected reps involved must bear a big part of the responsibility, the receiving party must also not be spared from the blame.

Over 700 Ong Ka Chuan supporters protesting in Putrajaya

Over 700 BN supporters of from Tanjung Malim protest outside the prime minster's office this morning, demanding that their incumbent MP Ong Ka Chuan be allowed to defend his seat.

Cost of defection for PKR reps: RM10 million

Any PKR candidate defecting to a rival party after winning the election will have to pay RM10 million, up from RM5 million required during the 2013 general elections.



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