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On redelineation and Anti-Fake News Bill

The general consensus among the people is that fake news is what the government says it is, and it is the government that will decide what is fake and what is not.

The far-fetching implications of redelineation

Subang Jaya, the most populous state assembly seat in Selangor, will even have more voters than some of the parliamentary seats in the state!

MCA fights to include UEC recognition in BN manifesto: Wee

"We've been talking to Dong Zong many times, and have submitted the revised draft to BN."

Troublemaker politicians

If EC's redelineation report is eventually adopted in the Parliament, BN will only need to win 40% of popular votes to secure a two-thirds majority in Dewan Rakyat, according to a local political scientist.

MCA's 2-for-1 deal with Umno over Kuantan?

MCA is prepared to swap Bandar Tun Razak and Lumut parliamentary seats with Umno for Kuantan.

Pre-election chaos

The BN government is rushing through everything before dissolving the Parliament to ensure electoral victory.

David and Goliath

While Mahathir is still a giant basking in his past glories, he is fighting the war solitarily, and is perhaps too old to fight now!

Can DAP take Ayer Hitam?

An overwhelming majority of online survey respondents have faith in Liew Chin Tong unseating Wee Ka Siong in Ayer Hitam.

Rdelineation: Appeal hearing adjourned after Selangor applies for recusal of judges

The Selangor government's appeal over its judicial review challenge on the Election Commission's (EC) proposed redelineation exercise in the state was adjourned to Tuesday following an application for the recusal of two judges to hear the matter.

Expect a much more intense fight this time

I was amazed that our voters were willing to be led by the nose by opportunistic politicians playing up populist tricks.


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