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Handle diplomatic row in a rational manner

Based on Pyongyang's style in handling international affairs, having the UN to intervene will only complicate things and the outcome may be unfavorable to us. This adds uncertainties to the situation in Southeast Asia.

Befriending a devil

We have been dancing with the wolves for so long. It's now time to decisively sever the ties with Pyongyang.

A dead body and eleven lives

Banning North Koreans from leaving Malaysia is not a problem with the Pyongyang regime. To Kim, his people are worthless accessories he can readily dispense with.

Malaysia to talk with N. Korea over row: Najib

Malaysia's prime minister on Wednesday ruled out severing ties with North Korea and said his government would seek to negotiate a way out of a rapidly escalating diplomatic row over the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam.

N. Korea goes 'my way' with missiles and murder row

Dealing with a notorious murder by detonating a huge diplomatic row, and firing missiles as a practice assault on US bases in Japan -- North Korea's recent actions demonstrate its willingness to escalate tensions whatever the consequences, say analysts.

Video emerges of 'son' of assassinated Kim Jong-Nam

A video of a man describing himself as the son of assassinated North Korean exile Kim Jong-Nam emerged Wednesday, apparently the first time a family member has spoken about the killing.

Pyongyang adopts hostage strategy: former envoy

Former Malaysian ambassador to China Abdul Majid says Pyongyang is adopting a hostage strategy although it is unlikely Malaysia will succumb to its unreasonable demands.

Cabinet to discuss trade ties with North Korea Friday

The Cabinet is likely to discuss Malaysia's trade relations with North Korea at its meeting this Friday following rising tension between the two countries, said Second International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan.

All North Korean citizens banned from leaving: Najib

PM Najib says he has instructed the IGP to ban all North Korean citizens from leaving the country, until the safety of all Malaysians in North Korea is assured.

North Korea bans Malaysians from leaving

North Korea on Tuesday banned Malaysians from leaving the country, dramatically escalating an already-heated diplomatic row over the murder of Kim Jong Nam.


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