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Budget 2018: What do youths want?

If the government aspires to have tangible development, issues highlighted by the youths must not be neglected.

Time to banish outdated budget model

The old way of distributing candies just to please specific group of people instead of allocating the resources for the betterment of this country must be dropped.

Budget 2018 vs World Bank

The World Bank is normally cautious, polite and diplomatic in its reports on national economies.

Avoid the middle income trap

To deliver ourselves out of the middle income trap, we must put in a whole lot more effort in economic transformation and innovation.

Re-look tax rates for Budget 2018

IDEAS has made five suggestions for Budget 2018, all focusing on financial governance of the country.

Why is ringgit falling despite China deals?

We simply have too many economic challenges ahead of us, but unfortunately our government gets so much carried away by the flashy economic data that it has overlooked the potential risks and the people's feelings.

Times are hard and advice that comes with it

Few days before the price hike, cooking oil suddenly went missing from the shelf, believed to have been hoarded until the new prices came into effect. It was not right, but we could understand why.

Urgent need to enhance patient safety

The government has an irrefutable obligation to provide adequate quality medical facilities to the people instead of counting on private institutions to fill the shortfall.

The only solution to taxi drivers' woes

Taxi drivers must retune their attitude at this crucial moment to turn the crisis into an opportunity, and the pressure into a motivating force, to lift their service quality in creating a win-win situation for themselves and their passengers.

A vision unfulfilled

We have already waited three decades for Vision 2020. While we are still willing to wait for 30 more years, please, don't draw up another illusory plan to fool us again as we won't live forever to see it happen.



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