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Overwhelmed by problems due to ill planning

We can imagine that without proper government planning, the lives of Malaysians will only get tougher in the future.

Slow response

While Hisham's appointment may have stirred some waves, things will be back to square one very soon if no follow-up actions have been instituted.

Pursuing happiness, not creating trouble

The country's founding fathers have in the nation-building documents including the Federal Constitution and Rukunegara set out the principles and directions of managing this country. It is our duty now to make sure the country becomes more prosperous upon such a foundation.

The future of Malay politics

Rival factions within Umno are pitted against one another for existing resources. They only look at short-term interests and survival and will hardly set their sights beyond GE14 and the party elections thereafter.

Widodo turns to Islam-Nationalism to preserve Indonesia's diversity

Irrespective of the result, the Jakarta gubernatorial election will leave a bitter after-taste that could have consequences on the political landscape in the rest of Indonesia.

A national obligation

Paying income tax is an inevasible obligation of all Malaysians. We must instill in ourselves this awareness to make sure that the country's development can be sustained under relatively healthy fiscal conditions.

When politics take center stage

This, unfortunately, couldn't have been more normal in this country where any controversy could be conveniently exploited by politicians to attack their rivals, never as an opportunity that could be harnessed to put things right.

Don't destroy this country!

In our highly globalized world today, striving to seek a common ground in the midst of our differences has become the prevalent trend in this world. Egotism will only destroy this beloved country of ours.

A succession plan in order?

"They feel it's like nepotism and Najib is consolidating his position and promoting his cousin to be deputy Umno president at the expense of Zahid."

Umno's winning formula for GE14

Umno is doing everything it can to please PAS -- including full coordination over Hadi's private bill -- all because of one single purpose: to ensure this formula stays relevant.


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