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Big questions of Bandar Tun Razak

Rizalman did not say by whom he was set up and sabotaged, but it has been reported that he "declined to rule out the possibility of being sabotaged by MCA".

Vicious competition

We cannot afford to remain contented with just "development and freebies". We ought to seek a determined lift in policy-making and spiritual aspects to stop the country from falling into the trap of stagnancy.

Manifestos are bright, but will the delivery be right?

There is considerable doubt as to whether these political promises are realistic, feasible and financeable by the national budgets.

Anti-Fake News Bill: For whom?

What the government and its PAS supporters have done is provide another law to put people through a trying time, whether they are found guilty or not, as a deterrent to free speech.

GE14: Are we losing faith in electoral processes?

The redelineation exercise must be non-partisan in order to instill public confidence in the electoral process. The hasty adoption of redelineation report shows that it is a flawed process.

Candies are not free!

Lest we forget, every piece of freely distributed candy does come with a cost.

Venturing into e-commerce

Young Malaysians, therefore, should seize the unique opportunity to explore this new medium as they seek to build and expand their careers.

How to win without a Malay tsunami

Pakatan Harapan can still win without a Malay tsunami if its supporters come out in droves to vote.

The Reform Train running out of steam

The ruling coalition is repeatedly distorting the rule of the game in order to win the election, but GE14 is only a short-term event. What is way more important is the future of this country!

On redelineation and Anti-Fake News Bill

The general consensus among the people is that fake news is what the government says it is, and it is the government that will decide what is fake and what is not.


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