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Unity is easy when you are subservient

Pakatan Harapan is a coalition of equals, and when everyone is equal, unity is not easy to get because there is no big brother.

Why Abang Jo?

After the passing of Adenan, Sarawak needs to be more cautious now than ever to check the infiltration of federal forces, and a successor who has the ability to keep things under control must therefore be picked.

Because of you Sarawakians can lift their heads up

"While some have died, they live on in our hearts." You have fought the good fight. Rest in peace, Tok Nan!

No fun being Tiong Lai

Every time Liow says something and comments on issues, he would draw flak from fellow Malaysians, most of whom are the very people he and his party claim to represent.

What's so interesting about the country's future?

Umno is willing to be led by the nose by PAS to keep its leaders in power. But the biggest crisis will come from a disintegrated BN and our undermined secular system.

Smart decisions, but bad consequences

Smart individual decisions have given rise to utterly deplorable consequences. As secular parties go after their own interests, they have allowed themselves to fall into the traps of PAS without they realizing it.

Cash-starved India assesses its pain

Two months after India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the controversial decision to withdraw currency notes of Rupees 500 (US$7.4) and 1,000 from circulation his country is still reeling from the effects.

Will things get better?

Folks whom I wanted to send New Year greetings to and I somehow knew there were not many things in store which would make the coming year a happy one.

Give MACC prosecution power

One of the biggest weaknesses of MACC has been its lack of prosecution power or the authority to revoke any case. Such powers are solely the AG's.

Understanding our youths

To the youngsters who climbed the "IPOH" signboard, we should perhaps spare the rod, and hopefully through what they did get to known them a little better and appreciate their youthfulness.


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