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Dragged into the water

Perhaps BN should just focus on playing the China card to win the hearts of Chinese voters. Any uncalled for moves will only derail MCA's plan to woo back Chinese voters.

Will Kedah remain a BN stronghold?

The opposition camp is still vulnerable and to a large extent depends on the personal popularity of Tun Mahathir in order to win Kedah.

A Lunar New Year story

"Kalau kaya hali hali pun hali busat. Gua olang miskin!"

CPI drop deeply disappointing

It's not corruption per se in its narrow concept, but the decline in good governance.

Why I really enjoyed CNY

I used to really enjoy CNY when I was a small boy. And let me be frank with you, it was because of the money!

Need to clear the air over SJKCs

The presence of students of different races at SJKCs constitutes an impetus to propel national solidarity.

Treasure family reunion this festive season

Let's hope that the economy of this country will pick up after the election and that we all have a bright tomorrow to look forward to.

What we don't know about the state of Malaysia's economy

Perhaps the government should also consider enhancing news transparency and not to allow the illusion to mask the truth.

Sabah, Sarawak the kingmakers of GE14

PH's dream of unseating BN is indeed a tall order. Sabah and Sarawak will continue to be kingmakers to ensure the survival of Najib and BN in GE14.

The Chinese dilemma

We must reconsider how we can shed the dilemma that has haunted us for decades soon after we celebrate the Chinese New Year.


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