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Don't say "no" to our future

While many of us have a lot to grumble about this country and have grown disenchanted with Vision 2020 or 1Malaysia, please, don't kill our hopes for the future.

Positive development in foreign worker policy

Creating a healthy employment management mechanism with minimal impact on local businesses will bring positive effects to the country's long-term economic development.

One last mile

One last mile! Umno can rumble all the way to it or can apply the brake and slow things down a little.

Chinese Malaysians at historical crossroads

Politicizing Chinese investments will only do more harm to the country's economy.

Lie detector: to use or not to use?

Even if lie detectors can help our public institutions identify the thieves and may have some effects in discouraging potentially dishonest employees, their use could have a negative impact on the self esteem of the civil servants, which must be taken into serious consideration and respected.

Learning from China's experience

Without the coordination from capable personnel and a comprehensive plan, high-end security features alone will not do much to suppress our staggering crime rate.

Low income: Whose fault is it?

The government should take the lead in reversing the people' attitude. If even the government itself is complacent, how is it going to lead by example so that the people will work hard with a stronger fighting spirit?

Who's there to check Umno after Adenan?

Adenan also adhered to the decision of his predecessor Taib Mahmud of not allowing Umno to gain a foothold in the state.

Personal responsibilities and government obligations

The government has wanted the people to upgrade their skills and supplement their incomes, but has the government provided first-rate educational facilities so that we can better equip ourselves?

TPP's demise sounds no death knell

Over thousands of years, Vietnam has faced unexpected situations galore, and it has always managed to land on its feet. The "secret" is traditional -- adaptation.


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