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So, Ini kalilah?

Ini Kalilah! provided a quick fix for them to steal the power at a time social conditions were not ripe for such a change and the opposition parties themselves were not quite prepared.

KR1M back on its feet

It is hoped that the revived KR1M 2.0 will pick up a lesson from past mistakes and not to go down the same old path of failure again.

Last-minute election?

We have no idea whether the deferment is due to lack of confidence or that the PM has some other plans in his head.

Poor showing

Summing up BN's performance over the past five years, it has done reasonably well in infrastructure development but has made practically zero progress in policy adjustments, putting the overall grade at an "F".

Taking excessive load off our teachers

The authorities must do their utmost to address the teachers' problems and not to crush them under unbearably heavy workload

Identity crisis

Your national identity will follow you intimately wherever you go, whether you like it or not.

Never too late to register

You need to vote to protect and enhance your own future as well as the future of our country and people.

Gradual approach to democratic development

Efforts in democratic pursuits must be within the confines of the realistic conditions of a country. It must be carried out gradually and not rashly.


It should not be an emotionally charged battle between two men, but a need to clarify some doubtful points over an issue pertinent to public interests.

For the sake of Indira and others

Ambiguity from the legal blind spots has further complicated the issue, making it extremely tacky to handle such cases.


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