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Still won't let go of PAS?

In the defense of our secular system, sealing a deal with PAS to boost winning chances is never a sensible thing to do!

In truth we believe

Editing and image doctoring skills have developed to a previously unseen level of sophistication whereby non-existent events could be packaged into convincing hard facts.

So, who's stupid now?

No, not Azmin Ali, not Hadi Awang, nor DAP and BN. So, who's really stupid now?

Keeping our territorial waters safe

Like all other cross-border militant groups, Abu Sayyaf is intrinsically versatile and cunning, and it will take long-term deployment and actions to see to its total annihilation.

What's so 'sexy' about skirts?

Perhaps only clothing that covers every bit of the body from head to toe is acceptable to these self-righteous pseudo-moralizers.

Money concept and money game

Little has changed in our ethical values since the collapse of cooperatives in the 1980s.

Did the US just say 'pivot'?

For Mr Trump, it is all about himself, or to be a bit more generous, US interests.

PAS towards its ultimate motive

There will be no turning back for Malaysia if we allow this country to be painted green by PAS' puristic monoreligionism.

'Fake news' is not journalism

Would you trust your news from any source? How are we able to ensure that 'fake'(d) news does not overtake the flow of information?

Wealth plunderers

All who make big money in get-rich-quick schemes have built their wealth from the losses of late-comers, a fact that hardly justifies their moral existence.


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