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Free, finally

Car-making industry and nationalism are two very different things. Forcing the two together will not make things happen but will ruin them instead.

A chance for Proton's rebirth

The deal will give Proton its much needed chance for rebirth while serving also the strategic needs of Geely.

Believing in lies

What can we do when people choose to believe in lies?

Act by the law

Tax-related issues must be handled according to an explicit and comprehensive set of regulations and guidelines. There should be no racial or political bias whatsoever.

Transformation within ourselves

One thing was absent in Vision 2020 and from the tone of things, remains to be overlooked by TN50: the people.

Who's shadow PM?

The absence of a strong leader as shadow PM along with PPBM's singular goal orientation constitute the Achilles' heel in the opposition pact's quest for Putrajaya.

Keep the momentum going

We have had a good start for the national economy for 2017, and the government must do everything to keep this momentum going.

Weaknesses in the national economy

Structural problems of Malaysia's economy are no strangers to us: over-dependence on foreign workforce, lack of new growth engine, innovation and competitiveness.

Who won the war?

It was not won through the war itself, but peace.

Being courteous

No one is above the law. Anyone violating the law must be legally sanctioned.


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