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Trump's immigration ban backfires

Trump's show of distaste for Muslims and Islam has actually done his opponents a huge favor.

Need to step up safety measures

Safety issue will always be a major consideration for foreign tourists to this country, and the recurrence of security lapses has sounded an alarm bell for Malaysia's tourist industry.

New thinking needed to retain talent

Brain drain seems to be an obstacle in the country's development. Moves by Malaysians leaving home to seek greener pasture elsewhere have never stopped.

Malaysian Chinese as DPM: what's the problem?

Most of all I hope the race barrier will one day be broken, meritocracy will rule and any Malaysian can become DPM, even PM, regardless of race and faith... It won't come easy, but It's not a crime for me to hold on to that hope.

Chinese voters and MCA's revival

Politics is something very realistic. With a mere seven elected reps in the Parliament, MCA's negotiating power is significantly weakened.

RUU355 and MCA's dilemma

As Umno and PAS have pledged to work together towards it, any change will not come easy.

Populism kills the economy

In the absence of appropriate policies to tackle global uncertainties, there is no reason we should remain optimistic about the economy after Chinese New Year.

Who's out to topple Zahid?

"Could it be that the effort to topple him is not only from the opposition, but a movement within Umno itself?"

The bedrock of national unity

True national unity must be established upon the basis of mutual respect and equality, without which all forms of unity are at best temporary and will not withstand the instigation of extreme politicians.

Six-point Asean secrets Trump should know

The new US president must be happy with Asean that it is the only regional organization with no military might and has not been at war. The problem is, he might not know about the grouping at all.


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