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Let's make impartiality a national crusade

Perhaps we should make this a national campaign to uproot the prejudices deeply planted in our hearts.

Professional, forward-looking approach in sports development

There has been a lack of professionalism on the part of Yang and the relevant authorities in the handling of this matter, having given prejudiced excuses that best suit their respective interests.

Another good year ahead?

As our political leaders are not prepared to implement true reforms anytime soon, all the irregularities will very likely extend into the new year.

Painful cost transfers ahead

Business owners are prepared to transfer the additional cost to consumers, signaling a new round of price hikes soon.

Of foreign coaches and sports science

Our sports authorities have been overly bureaucratic and unprofessional such that coaches have to fall prey to their perpetual infighting.

Pressing for government recognition of UEC

Government recognition of UEC will have far flung effects on the long-term development of Chinese education in this country.

Umno towards moderation?

A shift towards extremism and racism, be it from Umno or any party, will only frustrate the Malay society.

No free lunch

We must work hard to get our money; greed will only lead us to total financial disaster.

Another big case

It is a big case not because of the seniority of the government officials or the amount of money involved, but the sheer number of people involved in the scandal.

Concerted effort to combat drugs

Combating drugs is a real tough challenge. It requires the coordination and input from the government and all other relevant parties.


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