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Will race-based politics end?

Race-based politics keeps the Malay community on a leash, forever depending on the tongkat and afraid to venture out and compete.

Bin Abdullah

It's a monumental event that entails the relative weights of the federal and Islamic laws.

Controversies over EIS

The unemployment issue is not that serious in this country and it is questionable whether such an enormous fund is required to help retrenched workers.

You and I are walking name cards

We are all resembling walking name cards and together we engage in "Malaysian task" and tell "a story of Malaysia".

What's in a name

The government is duty-bound to protect the confidentiality of a private citizen's particulars. Making an issue out of a person's identity is contemptible.

Tearing down the wall of misperception

While fighting for government recognition of UEC, it is absolutely necessary for the Chinese community to try to break the resistance of our non-Chinese fellow Malaysians in a bid to win their support and recognition.

Lost opportunity

Time is running out fast for Najib, and the options he has are getting very limited now.

More on tourism tax

The tax collected must be put to proper use.

Did you smell anything unusual?

Deferring the election to next year may not be a good idea for Najib!

Between pledge and action

In Malaysia, it is often easier said than done.


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