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With Zhang Jian now escorted back to China to face legal actions, perhaps it's time for wuxingbi investors here to wake up from their get-rich dreams.

Be answerable to shareholders

Any shift in FGV's business performance and investment directions will affect Felda, which boasts a multitude of settlers to whom FGV needs to answer.

The freakie of the Arab World

Diplomatically Qatar is a lone ranger, trying hard to free itself from Saudi's influences and going its own way.

Widening rift in Middle East

The incident not only has a far-flung effect on the stability of the Middle East but could also affect the global energy supply chain, and hence, oil prices.

Re-look tax rates for Budget 2018

IDEAS has made five suggestions for Budget 2018, all focusing on financial governance of the country.


While we have to admit that public security in this country indeed has much room for improvement, there is no way we should allow a foreigner to wickedly smear the country's reputation with such a brainless prank.

Tackling the burning issue of school bullying

People are increasingly intolerant and oblivious to the rule of law spirit as they become more and more inclined to resort to violence at the slightest provocation.

Bumi empowerment is impressive, but how much do they gain?

We must face the realities of a more competitive and digitalized economy or lose out to the rest of the world.

What has gone wrong with our competitiveness?

Policies, or rather mispolicies, are not the only things that kill our competitiveness. Retrogressive politicking is another.

Electoral reforms for GE14

The EC Chairman has not had any meetings with Bersih 2.0 or any Pakatan party, and his office did not reply to letters on electoral reforms for GE14.


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