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Love thy neighbor

In every Umno assembly we would see delegates hitting out at SJKCs. This is a natural development from our chronic lack of understanding and accommodativeness

Trimming civil service a tall order

Trimming civil service will help boost efficiency and relieve the government's smothering financial burden, but in political reality doing this is no better than jumping off the cliff.

Put RM30 million to better use, please

Instead of taking stern actions on these illegal street racers, our government has opted to condone their dangerous acts, culminating now in a wasteful RM30 million race circuit.

Our seriously bloated civil service

With the economy now heading south, squeezing the government's tax revenue, keeping the enormous public service in existence has become a real headache.

Young Chinese don't care? Seriously?

Many Chinese, young and old, are not happy with government policies they see as discriminatory to non-Malays. They have always wanted all that to change.

The age of political unknowns

With the general elections just around the corner, both the ruling and opposition parties have failed to deliver to the rakyat a clearer picture of their political roadmaps just because they themselves have no idea which way they are heading to.

Protecting the rights of consumers

A transparent, friendly and fair market environment will not only benefit the consumers, but will also boost their confidence and stimulate consumption growth.

Problems behind the paint brush drama

The paint brush drama has come to a close, but along the way the narrow-mindedness of our government officials has been unreservedly exposed, along with the vastly unhealthy political environment of this country.

Time to review housing development act

It is absolutely essential for the government to review the existing housing development act in order to closely monitor the developers' financial capability in executing the projects while protecting the interests of house buyers.

Wishful thinking on Code of Conduct for South China Sea

Rhetoric has come full circle in the dispute over the South China Sea but can the Philippines, the current chair of Asean and a claimant state, deliver a peaceful solution for the area?


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