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Putting students first

All decisions made by the ministry must be with the students' greatest benefits as primary consideration, not any non-education factors.

Make SJKCs Malaysians' preferred choice

Parents should ponder which education model suits their children best and which will help shape their children's value system and cultural traits,

Now that Mahathir has apologized, what next?

Will Mahathir have the time and stamina to deliver the promised reforms even if Pakatan were to win the next general election?

A year of challenges

Thanks to a couple of new government policies, both the employers and employees will come under tremendous pressure as the new year dawns.

The skin color paradox: does it matter?

Interracial relationship serves as a positive sign and an indicator of integration in the society.

What are 'we'?

We are simply too engrossed with our differences, thus creating more disagreements that will eventually split us up into factions.

Let's resolve to show more respect for environment

It is our responsibility to help in our own little ways to protect and conserve our exceedingly fragile environment.

Interracial harmony

Let us usher in the new year on a positive tone more aware of the concerns raised in 2017 where racial harmony is growingly seen as a serious threat.

Can we be truly united?

All discriminating policies must be abolished. Bring in meritocracy, and help those who deserve the help regardless of race and religion.

Creating a healthy living environment

These measures must be introduced carefully with the objective of correcting Malaysians' lifestyle, not punitively restricting their activities.


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