My Sinchew/ Opinion

Going downhill

Instead of progressing decisively towards Vision 2020, we are going downhill...

The smell of money

MACC is not just targeting the small fry nowadays.

Leveraging on the strength of OBOR

The epoch-making initiative is brimming with possibilities and hopes.

A vital lesson for all

We only want a quick fix to the school bullying malady without bothering to take time to contemplate the nature of the problem.

Urgent need for cybersecurity

Countries worldwide, including Malaysia, must jump into action before it gets too late, as risks of global economy being subjected to cyberattacks become bigger and bigger.

The Big Confusion that is GE14

Racism, theocracy and populism could go wild in an election war characterized by conspirators and adventurists capitalizing on the situation to create havoc and deepen the already acute political crisis.

Surging ahead with OBOR

Over 100 countries and international organizations have expressed support for the initiative, of which 40 have inked agreements with Beijing.

Win-win in Sino-Malaysian cooperation

Whether Najib's visit could translate to more investments and cooperation from China has become the center of public attention.

Battling religious extremism

The key to battling religious radicalization and extremism lies with our capacity for religious introspection and humility.

Protecting the rights of the disabled

Humanitarian treatment for the underprivileged is a hallmark of civilization.


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