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How will Cameron Highlands voters vote?

As the political significance of by-elections becomes increasingly thinner, political lethargy is set to creep in once again among Malaysians.

Anyone can be a role player

As one of the ethnic groups in this country, one that has actually been here longest and is most assimilated to this land, the orangaslis should be given an opportunity to play a bigger role.

Win-win solution for mutual benefits

Besides airspace and territorial waters, it is hoped that the two countries will also strike an accord over the long-standing water supply issue.

Draconian laws: let the people's voices be heard

NGOs are of the opinion that human rights of all individuals must be upheld even though they agree there is this need for preventive measures.

Resistance to reform

We cannot afford to wait for two more years, as some of the damages may not be undone, making any future attempt to reform the country even more difficult.

Take extreme care of your passports

The increase of fines for replacement of lost or damaged passports should help enhance the awareness of Malaysians to take very good care of their travel documents.

No turning back for smoking ban

The latest ban has met with largely positive feedback from non-smokers who have delighted at not having to tolerate a smoke-filled dining environment any more.

The nouveau riche in Malaysian politics

Now that Umno is down and out, PPBM makes a natural choice for the conservative Malay society.

More reasonable fuel prices for Malaysians

Lowering fuel prices is a boon to consumers although petrol station operators may not be happy with the free-floating mechanism.

No end to PH's infighting

Thanks to the ideological differences and distrust among PH component parties, coupled with Mahathir's indecision and frequent policy U-turns, the ruling coalition has completely lost its sense of direction.



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