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Racial issues the biggest challenge

If both Umno and PAS are against UEC recognition, it is necessary for PPBM leaders to utter some comforting words to the Malay community.

Najib and Jamal

If Umno leaders were loyally serving the people, I'm sure the voters would continue to support them and they would remain in power today.

Be prepared for a new wave of price hikes

Price control has always been a major challenge for governments in market economics.

Uphold the rule of law spirit

The PH government must prove to Malaysians that there is no political intervention in the judiciary.

Breaking free

The true significance of the restructuring lies with some of the key agencies like MACC and EC which will now have to report to the Parliament directly.

Umno on the brink of collapse

BN component parties will also lose their faith in Umno, and a complete collapse of the coalition is a matter of time.

The triumph of past over future

So, there is no defeat on Umno's side, and since there is no defeat, there is no need for change.

The lingering ghost of NEP

Over 90% of Chinese voters rejected BN in GE14 because they saw no future under the NEP and believed PH could end the inequality.

New cabinet list: the winners and the losers

Judging from the make-up of the cabinet list, it is more of Mahathir's list than that of PH's component parties.

A bigger defeat is all it takes to bring some senses to Umno

There is little prospect for Umno to reform itself within the next five years, for the party has not been defeated badly enough.


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