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Must a bumi support a bumi right?

Umno risks becoming a failed party if it veers too much towards the right and continues to play racist tactics.

On picking a new Speaker

Raising the issue was not to register disapproval of Mohamad Ariff's appointment nor the support for opposition walkout, but that the house orders must be of priority consideration.

Start of a fresh round of political fights

PH's internal struggle is poised to hurt its credibility, but fortunately the opposition is suffering from even bigger problems, especially Umno.

Cost reduction more practical

Perhaps TM should consider lowering the cost to alleviate the burden of average Malaysians, as unnecessary speed upgrades could be meaningless to them.

Acting for the love of race and religion. Really?

They do not know any other way of getting the Malay support other than fear mongering and playing the race and religion cards.

Can we expect a new and better Parliament?

Malaysians should demand more meaningful roles for their elected representatives.

What if...

A fair and liberal party will lose the elections. The majority will reject it and everything it stands for, because the enemies will coax the majority to hate it.

A prosecutor who loves me

I am sure many prosecutors in the past did not like the people they are charging.

Speed up judicial reforms

The appointment and promotion of judges is one very important aspect that warrants serous consideration.

Numan Afifi

Syed Saddiq has failed to catalyze the change, but has instead bowed to pressure.


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