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After the bumi congress

Umno and PAS are getting so desperate now that they will resort to any dirty trick imaginable.

A second independence

Hopefully we will have a more prosperous, democratic and progressive Malaysia when we celebrate our 62nd National Day next year.

Health policy should be inclusive, not lopsided

The government's medical care policy must be inclusive, allowing all segments of the society to benefit from it.

A real shocker

It is utterly necessary for the government to take into serious account all possible consequences before making a key decision.

Transcending race

Putting the national day and bumi congress together creates a sense of discordant contradiction.

PH's political and economic challenges

There are nevertheless issues that will never get solved, such as the economic and political ones.

Need to wean Malaysians of govt handouts

Our oil wealth will run dry one day, and we may not have the means to sustain government expenditure, let alone handing out money freely to the people.

Wrestling with the giant

To China, the change of administration in Malaysia has nothing to do with them, and the new government is legally obliged to execute whatsoever contracts signed by the previous administration.

Settling the issue of compensation amicably

Over the long term, the importance of bilateral relationship far outweighs the cost of these few projects.

Sino-Malaysian relationship on a brand new platform

Malaysia welcomes foreign investments, but due to economic factors and other considerations, the PH govt must ensure that all projects implemented will produce maximal benefits for the nation and people.


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