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What money can't buy

Malaysia was ranked 144th among 160 countries, considered a failed state where electoral integrity is concerned.

An unusually busy year-end season

What if the government has done its best and still fails to fill the shortfall?

Higher cost of flying

No one will oppose to the idea of boosting security, but transferring the cost to passengers is outright unacceptable.

Religion is a personal matter

The local authorities have made it as though Islam is a rigid religion with its long list of dos and don'ts.

Reviving the constitutional spirit

To revive the constitutional spirit, we need to have a preamble. But there is one danger: Who will draft it?

Self discipline in IM networks

Do bear in mind that any message we post could be traced and conveniently reposted or forwarded by the recipients.

Over a frog's dead body? Who cares?

The best thing we can do with people like Ibrahim Ali is to ignore them and stay away from their nonsense.

Flexible handling of travel blacklist

The relevant authorities must have in place some sort of mechanism to notify individuals involved before putting them in the blacklist.

Guiding light

While in the past we could still cling on to our patronage system and resist change, we can no longer do the same today. Change, or be changed by the world.

A tycoon's advice

"The train of the nation had been put on the wrong track. Hussein wasn't strong enough to lift up the train and set it down on the right track."


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