My Sinchew/ Opinion

Finally, there's new hope for our environment

The civil society must be fully consulted and their views be diligently taken into account in finalizing the new laws.

The friend of an enemy is... a friend?

Politics is an anything-goes art. We won't know when they are serious and when they are just making believe.

Supply imbalance

As luxury condominiums and office spaces are in a glut, there is an obvious short supply of affordable homes for average Malaysians.


The decision will not only affect UEC holders, but could also trigger an irreversible brain drain.

Can protests change the country?

Getting into the streets is an approach to get our voices heard, but protestors need to understand that protests alone are not sufficient to make changes.

Loose discipline among public servants

The government must adopt the most optimal management practices to inspire civil servants to do their utmost for the nation.

Create a win-win situation

The nation's founding fathers did it. There is no reason we can't do it now!

Mentor-mentee program in private practice

This program is perceived as a boon to the local medical industry as it fills the void and better prepares participants for their future professional careers

Judge's discretion in death penalty

The judge should be given a true discretion, taking into account a variety of factors before deciding what punishment should be imposed.

Limited options left for election date

Having missed the golden opportunities to call an election after the Sarawak and by-election wins, and the euphoria from the 60th Merdeka anniversary and vastly successful SEA Games, the election date guessing game is no more a fun thing to do.


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