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In Siberia, Chinese demand for prehistoric tusks fuels 'mammoth rush'

Crouching near a wooden shed in his snowy backyard, Prokopy Nogovitsyn lifts up a grey tarpaulin and takes out a vertebra the size of a saucer: part of a mammoth skeleton.

Broadway hits Iran with unique take on 'Les Misérables'

Iranian theatre director Hossein Parsaee calls Victor Hugo's classic a "masterpiece without borders" but his groundbreaking production of "Les Misérables" that has hit the stage in Tehran has a few unique twists.

Bricked in by poverty, Cambodia's farmers fight debt bondage

Bopha should be in school but instead toils seven days a week in a searing brick kiln on the outskirts of Phnom Penh -- a 14-year-old trapped in debt bondage in a boom industry preying on the poverty of Cambodia's farmers.

New Year fireworks

View of Christ the Redeemer above Rio De Janeiro during the new year fireworks celebration.

Clean energy leader Costa Rica turns attention to electric cars

Costa Rica likes to advertise itself as an ecological paradise, where more than 98 percent of its electricity needs are met by clean energy.


Swans swimming in an icy pond at Kugulu Park in Ankara, Turkey.

60 years of revolution: Four Cubans tell their stories

On January 1, Cuba will mark the 60th anniversary of the communist revolution that brought the late and enigmatic leader Fidel Castro to power. Here, AFP talks to four Cubans about what the revolution still means to them.


Anak Krakatoa volcano erupting as seen from a ship on the Sunda Straits.

Santa in the ruins

An Iraqi youth dressed in a Santa Claus suit distributing gifts to a child in the Old City of Mosul.

As TikTok videos take hold with teens, parents scramble to keep up

Millions of teenagers seeking their 15 seconds of fame are flocking to TikTok, but many of their parents are only now learning about the express-yourself video app -- often to their dismay.



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