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Getting your daughter through Adolescent River

My 16-year-old daughter is driving me crazy. She is sassy, noisy, and selfish. Her room looks like a pigpen, and she won't work any harder in school than absolutely necessary to get by. Everything I taught her, from manners to faith, seems to have sailed through her ears. What in the world do my husband and I do now?

Robinson Crusoe island sets example for the world in conservation

For almost a century, the inhabitants of Robinson Crusoe -- named for literature's most famous castaway -- have known that their island's fragile ecosystem depends on them conserving its unique wildlife.

On Jerusalem's edge, a 'nowhere land' for Palestinians

Palestinian residents of Kufr Aqab, just north of Jerusalem, could be forgiven for thinking they live under two governments at once, or perhaps none at all.


A man walking into the courtyard of his house in a hutong in Beijing.

Tech connection boosts NY vertical farmers

Workers at Bowery Farming's warehouse near New York have swapped out a farmer's hoe for a computer tablet that takes real-time readings of light and water conditions.


A Taylors Bulbs employee inspecting a crop of Spring Dawn daffodils on the company farm near Holbeach in eastern England.

My dog and I, til death do us part

Ralf Hendrichs was devastated when his Dobermann died. But he was even more distraught when he learnt that its carcass ended up in a public grinder along with those of roadkill and farm animals.

Icy surf

A surfer riding a wave in the icy waters of the Gulf of Finland in the village of Lipovo outside Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Lost and usually found at humanity's biggest gathering

Meghsingh Badouria, 75, was left freezing in his underpants after losing his clothes and his friends following a dip in the holy waters at humanity's biggest gathering, India's Kumbh Mela.


Thousands of Gray Cranes pictured at Agamon Hula Lake in the northern Israeli Hula Valley during the bird migration from Eastern Europe to Africa. Some 50,000 Gray Cranes stay at Agamon Hula Lake during the winter instead of migrating to Africa, taking advantage of the safety of the artificial water source.



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