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Business bubbles on at winemaker near Ukraine war zone

Deep in the bowels of a former gypsum mine in east Ukraine, winemaker Rafail Nasyrov scrutinises a bottle of sparkling rose.

Tourism and education, new growth areas for Townsville

Townsville is in the midst of a rapid economic transformation, focusing not only mining and agriculture but also the new growth sectors of tourism and education.

Tiger dance

Performers painted as tigers taking part in the Pulikali or Tiger Dance during the annual Onam festival in Thrissur in the south Indian state of Kerala.

Self-driving cars could have a long road to travel

Despite promises that self-driving cars are in the fast lane, it could be a long haul before they merge with everyday lives.

A world of flavors

Packs of different KitKat flavors seen at a KitKat "Chocolatory" boutique shop in Tokyo. KitKats have been around in Britain since 1935 and only arrived in Japan in 1973, but the Japanese market has a crucial unique selling point: a huge variety of different flavors.

A sight for sore eyes

Foreign photography buffs are seen busily capturing the beauty of lotus blooms at Taman Gelora, Kuantan.

Getting well-oiled: booze in the age of the robo-barman

As Tipsy methodically unfolds an arm to select a glass, retrieve ice and mix a drink, it's all a far cry from the flashy swagger of Tom Cruise in "Cocktail."

Master of miniature food art

"I only need to take one look at the food to know how to mix the colors, such as what kind of red for the gravy."

In smartphone age, the hajj is for sharing

Arm outstretched, Abdul Rahman sweeps his mobile phone across the vista of Mecca, the Great Mosque dazzling in the sun, so his son in Tanzania can experience the pilgrimage to Islam's holiest sites.

Organic fruit garden in Batang Berjuntai

The fruit garden used to be the private playground of Amy Lew and her husband before it was opened to visitors this May.


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