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Restoring a piece of history

A conservator or a restorer is a person who gives a new lease of life to aged or damaged artifacts with the objective of restoring their original looks as much as possible.

'Twilight Villa': Home of Myanmar's abandoned elderly

Paralysed on one side by a stroke and barely able to speak, Tin Hlaing was left to die at the side of a road -- by her own children.

'Urban explorers' time-travel through Berlin's lost places

With its deserted bunkers, abandoned barracks and ghostly hospital ruins, Berlin is a magnet for urban explorers who seek out abandoned places and time-travel through the German capital's Cold War past.

World record

A total 456 hot air balloons taking part in a world record attempt as part of the biennal Mondial Air Balloons event at Chambley-Bussieres air base near Hageville in eastern France.

Italian wheelchair hopes to bring users freedom

After nearly 20 years working with wheelchair-bound youngsters, Mario Vigentini wanted to revolutionise their quality of life, inventing a device that raises up users so they are face-to-face with those standing.

Cuba's ration book: symbol of equality, but huge burden on state

From one end of the island to the other, every Cuban can be sure of one thing: their ration book, or "libreta," will put at least the basics on their table at dinner time.

Mexico subway is dog's world, but lost pups find a home

They found Jamai wandering on the tracks of the Mexico City subway, his ear nearly torn off and a terrified look in his eyes.

Chinese writers navigate censors to earn cash via apps

When outspoken professor Qiao Mu posted his resignation letter on a popular Chinese messaging app, sympathetic readers tapped their phone screens to send him money, leaving him with a 20,000 yuan ($3,000) payday.

Flight school

Colorful macaws inside the "flight school" aviary in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the animals recovered from illegal trade learn to adapt to life in nature again.

Indon maids in HK lured by IS recruiters: report

Indonesian maids working in Hong Kong are being radicalised by extremists from the Islamic State group, a security think-tank said in a report Wednesday.


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