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Archaeological sites

Inscriptions on rose-colored sandstone in the Nabataean archaeological site of al-Hijr near the northwestern Saudi town of al-Ula.

Bite the dust at Bangkok's 'death awareness' cafe

Dying for a cup of coffee? You will feel right at home at Bangkok's new "death awareness" cafe, a macabre, Buddhist spin on the themed-cafe craze where customers are urged to confront their own mortality -- and live better lives as a result.

Jingle bells: Japan's unusual station music

Minoru Mukaiya is one of the world's most played musicians, with millions of people across Japan listening to his songs every day -- but most of them don't even notice.

Serious monkey business at macaque school

A pig-tailed macaque yanked at a coconut on a piece of string until it fell to the floor, a small victory for the simian student at a Malaysian school that trains monkeys to harvest fruit for farmers.

Crocodiles guard secrets of Pakistan's lost African past

Dancing and chanting in Swahili at a crocodile shrine outside Karachi, hundreds of Pakistani Sheedis swayed barefoot to the rhythm of a language they no longer speak -- the celebration offering a rare chance to connect with their African roots.

As eSports grow, China teams make themselves at home

Tucked away in a nondescript furniture mall, LGD Gaming's multimillion-dollar eSports home venue may not bring to mind Old Trafford or Yankee Stadium, but it could represent the future of sport.

Tearful reunion highlights plight of China's missing children

A tearful reunion between parents and their missing daughter after an agonising 24-year search has put a spotlight on the vexed issue of child trafficking and disappearances in China.

Oil to solar: Saudis push to be renewable energy powerhouse

Saudi engineers whip up a simulated sandstorm to test a solar panel's durability at a research lab, the heart of the oil-rich kingdom's multibillion dollar quest to be a renewable energy powerhouse.

Sawdust rugs

Catholics walking over a sawdust rug during an Easter Sunday procession representing the resurrection of Christ in the historic Brazilian city of Ouro Preto.


People enjoyng lunch at "La Commune" (The Village), an innovative gastronomic food incubator converted from an old carpentry in Lyon, southeastern France, where cooks in the making can test their catering concepts without financial risks for a year.


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