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Driving parent crazy, child has a nervous habit

My child has a nervous habit that is driving me crazy. I've done everything I can think of to put a stop to it, but so far nothing has worked. Can you help me?


A furoshiki exhibition by Japanese architect and art director Tsuyoshi Tane in Paris.

Cheesy music: Swiss experiment with sound to make cheese tastier

When searching a fromagerie for the perfect chunk of cheddar or parmesan, cheese aficionados have probably never grilled vendors over what kind of music was played to their cheeses.

Mexico's orange sea guides the souls of the dead

A sea of bright orange flowers sways in the wind, releasing the intense fragrance of the blossoms across the foothills of Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano.

Street view: Former homeless man leads 'invisible Zagreb' tour

Alcoholics, vagrants, nobodies -- Mile Mrvalj rattles off common prejudices against Zagreb's "invisible" homeless community as he leads a tour around sites that usually go unnoticed in the Croatian capital.

Perilous times for Australia wildlife amid severe drought

From abandoned baby kangaroos to wallabies being blinded by the sun and koalas having to go walkabout to look for eucalyptus leaves, Australia's exotic wild animals are struggling to adapt to a crippling drought.

New lease of life for Portugal's booming ceramics bastion

Ignoring temporary walls which point to ongoing large-scale expansion, workers burn the midnight oil at Portugal's byword for ceramic creativity to meet orders from around the globe.

Japan's 'usho' keep alive the ancient art of cormorant fishing

In the pitch black night, fires burn alongside a river in Japan's Gifu as a handful of men prepare for a ritual that dates back over 1,300 years: fishing with cormorants.

It's Halloween Night

Revelers taking part in the annual Village Halloween Parade on Sixth Avenue in New York City. Photo courtesy: AFP

First snow

Horses walking in front of a forest after the first snow fell in La Mongie, the High Pyrenees in southwestern France on Sunday.



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