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Rainbow village

An Indonesian hamlet dubbed the "rainbow village" in Semarang, Central Java, that has become an internet sensation attracting hordes of visitors. The hillside village of about 200 modest homes used to be filthy and gloomy, but was given an extreme makeover by the local residents.

Generation homeless: trying to help Egypt's street kids

Barefoot and wearing shabby clothes, the two-year-old wanders through the dirty streets of Cairo alongside her mother, who has also spent all her life without a home of her own.

Cultivating respect

Showing respect towards elders is a much valued virtue in our society.

Playing host to world travelers

Sojourn today plays host to travelers from across the world descending on the northern Perak town for its legendary Maxwell Hill, Taiping Lake, colonial buildings, quaint old streets and clanhouses.

Dutch funeral expo digs up the latest in death trends

Coffins decked out with board games, gravesites doubling as vegetable patches or children's toy "funeral building bricks" complete with a hearse and crematorium -- just some of the latest trends for dealing with death.


Contestants taking part in a horse race for thoroughbred Arabian horses in Syria's southern Aleppo countryside. Syria had nearly 750 breeding Arabian horses in 2010, according to the World Arabian Horse Organization which aims to preserve Arabian purebreds around the globe.

A forgotten town

Following the opening of Ipoh-Lumut highway, the Parit jetty ceased to operate in the 1980s, and the town has since faded into oblivion.

The only remaining female pineapple estate worker

At an advanced age of 66, she is today the only female Chinese worker at Simpang Renggam's once bustling pineapple estate.

Seven Magic Mountains

The "Seven Magic Mountains" art installation by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone in Ivanpah Valley near Las Vegas. The seven towers of colorful stacked boulders stand more than 30 feet high in the Mojave Desert.

Shared bikes

A man cycling past Ofo shared bicycles at a repair centre in Beijing. A booming rental bike business has flooded China's streets with packs of cyclists, but their habit of going the wrong way and abandoning their rides anywhere is causing havoc. Photo courtesy: AFP


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