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Operation Tsukiji: Tokyo battles rats as iconic market shuts

The operation must be ruthless, thorough and silent. Without alerting the watchful enemy, a unit of highly trained Japanese agents will throw up a ring of steel to block any escape from the vast battleground.

The Indian artist drawing portraits with a typewriter

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, ding rings out from a home in India's Mumbai where Chandrakant Bhide is creating his latest artwork -- on a typewriter.

Wasteland makeovers bring creative cool to Paris suburb

Music throbs from a bar set up on a patch of scrubland and artists toil in what was once a tyre factory. This is the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis, but not as the locals know it.

Face painting

Kosovar woman Sheqerie Buqaj lying on her back for a traditional face painting by 70-year-old Aziza Sefitagic, while presenting the traditional wedding of Bosnian women from Zhupa region during the "Etno Fest" festival in the village of Kukaj.

Mother lack of sleep, child refuses to stay in bed

Battles at bedtime are not unusual when there is a strong-willed child in the house.

Cambodian reptile cafe slithers into people's hearts

For anyone terrified of an albino python, an orange corn snake or a scaly, bearded iguana, Chea Raty says getting up close and personal at Phnom Penh's first reptile-themed cafe is the only remedy.

Iraqi resort a macabre emblem of war and state decay

In the 1980s, Iraq's Lake Habbaniyah was a tourist hotspot, popular with wealthy newlyweds and so luxurious it was even a haunt of dictator Saddam Hussein and his fearsome entourage.

Times are a-changin' in London where contactless is king

For centuries, London has sustained a street-level economy where performers and vendors make a living from the spare change of strangers -- but they are being forced to adapt as cash falls out of fashion.

Pre-dawn harvest

Pickers cut grapes at Moulin-à-Vent vineyard near Chenas, Beaujolais in eastern France. Traditionally grapes are harvested at the end of the night when the temperatures are lowest in order to produce "fruity and tender" wine.

Beer-mad Belgium moves to save historic drinking dens

Belgians are famous for taking their beer seriously, but authorities are now moving to preserve some of the historic cafes where drinkers have been quaffing since the early 20th century.



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