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The oil wells of Bibi Heybat Oil Field outside Baku, Azerbaijan. The oldest oil field in the world, Bibi Heybat began operation in 1847, 13 years before the first oil well was drilled in the United States.


Interior view of "Under", a semi-submerged restaurant beneath the waters of North Atlantic in Lindesnes near Kristiansand about 400km southwest of Oslo, Norway. Situated 5½ meters below sea surface, the restaurant is scheduled to open on March 21.

Almond blossoms

Blossoming almond trees in Mittelwihr along the "wine road" (route du vin) of eastern France.

Can Japan end its love affair with plastic?

From bento boxes to individually wrapped bananas, plastic reigns supreme in Japan. But amid global concern about single-use waste, new legislation could help end the country's love affair with plastic.

Chasing celluloid dreams at China's Tinseltown

Fed up with the drudgery of his sales job in southern China, Lu Qi quit and travelled a thousand kilometres north to one of the country's biggest film studios with hopes of making it in movies.

Geese fight

A traditional geese fight at the village of Kalikino some 450km from Moscow, Russia.

Migrating butterflies

Some of the about a billion Painted Lady Butterflies swarming the skies of southern California during their migration north from Mexico, feed on arugula flowers in Glendale, California.

'Bar truck' brings a bit of life back to French villages

The traditional French cafe where people of all stripes have customarily met is becoming a rare sight in many villages, but a man with a van -- and a liquor licence -- is making the rounds to help revive rural socialising.

Fast cars, polo and parties: Thai 'High Society' flourishes in unequal kingdom

It's polo season in Thailand and teams of jodhpur-clad Argentines and monied Asians gallop onto the flawless field, as spectators spill from a pavilion -- glasses of champagne in hand -- for the final chukka.

The Vessel

"The Vessel", a large public art sculpture made up of 155 flights of stairs at the US$16 billion Hudson Yards development in New York City, the largest private real estate development in the US.



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