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First space tourist flights could come in 2019

The two companies leading the pack in the pursuit of space tourism say they are just months away from their first out-of-this-world passenger flights -- though neither has set a firm date.

Ruling from your home: Inside Australia's micronations boom

Lounging on a sofa in his flowing robes, a gold crown resting on his snowy hair and a stuffed white toy tiger at his feet, Paul Delprat looks every bit a monarch.

Baby hippo

A baby hippo born on May 28 is seen at its enclosure at Guadalajara Zoo, Mexico.

Hipster coffee brews up change in Qatar

Doha's Tawar Mall looks much like any of the other unremarkable shopping centres dotted around Qatar, but tucked away in one of its corners, a tiny cultural revolution is taking place.

Taliban defeated by the quiet strength of Pakistan's Buddha

The Buddha of Swat, carved on a cliff in the seventh century, was dynamited by the Pakistani Taliban in 2007. Now it has been restored, a powerful symbol of tolerance in the traumatised Pakistani valley.

Story-telling art

An arpillera, a quilt-like form of popular art that tells a story, is on display at "Lugar de la Memoria" (Place of Memory) Museum in Lima, Peru.
Over 70 women displaced from their communities in the Andes have designed the arpilleras to tell their stories of survival, displacement and adaptation at the Mama Quilla community center in Lima.

How a Macedonian town became epicenter of fake news

Jovan got a pair of Nike sneakers and went on holiday to Greece, his reward for having helped turn the small Macedonian town of Veles into an epicentre of "fake news" during the 2016 US presidential race.

Trump balloon

Activists floating a giant balloon depicting President Donald Trump to protest against Trump's visit to London after he launched an attack on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

Living a double life: Indonesia's atheists fear jail or worse

As a university student, Luna Atmowijoyo prayed five times a day, refused to shake hands with men who weren't relatives and was "more fundamentalist" than her pious Muslim parents.

Banquet on a cliff

Guests taking part in a banquet held along the edge of a cliff 2,000m above the sea level at Laojun Mountain in Luoyang in China's central Henan province. Photo courtesy: AFP


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