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Disciplining children

During a recent children's camp, children were asked to provide their opinions on discipline. A large majority of the children gave a negative response. Some commented that their parents discipline them for anything and everything, and others wished their parents would not enforce rules and regulations.

Miracle tree-top baby: Mozambique's modest celebrity

Rosita Mabuiango's birth in a tree above swirling waters 17 years ago thrust her into instant stardom, drawing global attention to the worst floods to hit Mozambique in recent memory.

Mud carnival

Revellers taking part in the 31st "Bloco da Lama" mud carnival in Paraty about 250km south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

'It's like tripping', says French artist entombed in rock

An artist entombed inside a 12-tonne rock for nearly three days has described the experience as like "tripping", insisting he would stick it out for a week.

'Ring of fire' eclipse treat for southern skygazers

A spectacular "ring of fire" solar eclipse Sunday will regale skygazers in South America and southern Africa, with seafarers in the nearby Atlantic getting a front-row view too, astronomers say.

French artist is entombed in rock for a week

A French artist was entombed Wednesday inside a 12-tonne boulder for a week, saying: "I think I can take it."

Mumbai's original inhabitants fear world's tallest statue

A fitting tribute to a local legend or a grotesque misuse of money? The decision to build the world's tallest statue just off Mumbai's coast has divided the city.

Women's life expectancy on track to hit 90 in some nations

By 2030 life expectancy for South Korean women could top nine decades, an average lifespan long thought to be out of reach, researchers said Wednesday.

A boost for Nollywood with 'The Wedding Party' success

Nollywood film "The Wedding Party" has shown Nigerian cinema at the top of its game, with its success at the box office taking it to new audiences across Africa and the world.

Marriage, sex, and being LGBT in Pakistan

Pakistan's transgender community, known as "khawajasiras" or "hijras", are now fighting for change.


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