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Hot air balloons

Hot air balloons flying over Putrajaya during the international hot air balloon festival.


Giant puppets from Mozambique performing during a press conference at Hotel de Ville to announce the next season of Paris' Chatelet Theatre.

Art ambition: HK battles Beijing as dreams for culture soar

At a sunny Hong Kong art studio Kacey Wong gazes out through the bars of a cage, painted communist red -- his work a protest in a city struggling to square its vast cultural ambitions with an increasingly assertive Beijing.

Desert rose

Visitors admiring an exhibit at the National Museum of Qatar in Doha designed and conceived by French architect Jean Nouvel. Inaugurated on Wednesday, the striking new museum building's design was inspired by desert rose found in Qatar's arid deserts.


The glass-bottom telecabins allow visitors to cross ZooParc de Beauval in Saint-Aignan, central France, 45 meters above the ground to view the animals and attractions.

Desert truffles are Libya's 'manna from heaven'

Braving the cold and hostile Libyan desert, Milad Mohammed scratches the ground to extract what he calls "manna from heaven" -- white truffles coveted as a delicacy at home and abroad.

Yemeni children seek work at cemetery after school

Barefoot in a blue striped shirt, Ahmed al-Hamadi walks from school to a cemetery in the Yemeni capital where he works to help his family survive.


Employees of Confluences Museum in Lyon, France, hoisting the restored skeleton of a whale ahead of its public exhibition.

No quiet rules at Indonesia's flyover library

Singing and laughter briefly drown out the roar of cars under a Jakarta flyover, where an unlikely library for kids is thriving despite choking fumes -- and opposition from menacing gangsters.

Super bloom

Visitors flock the hills surrounding Diamond Valley Lake southeast of Los Angeles, California, to experience the unusual explosion of colorful wildflowers during the current "super bloom".



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