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Kenyan women lead bold revival of libraries' faded glory

Despite its dilapidated state, a handful of Kenyans still seek out the 1930s neoclassical grandeur of Nairobi's McMillan library, complete with granite columns on its imposing facade.

Burger on wheels: Saudis try once 'lowly' jobs as economy bites

Dishing out burgers and fries slathered with melted cheese, "One Way Burger" is like any other trendy food truck in Riyadh. But it offers something rare -- the cook behind the sizzling hot grill is a Saudi.

The Venezuelan city where nothing works anymore

Power blackouts are daily fare, running water comes only once a month, cash machines are empty and waiting for a bus can take hours. Welcome to San Juan de los Morros in Venezuela, where nothing works.

Made in Fukushima: Japan farmers struggle to win trust

The pumpkin is diced, the chicken carved and the eggs beaten into an omelette, but the people preparing the food are not chefs -- they are scientists testing produce from Japan's Fukushima region.

Thai 'Indiana Jones' divers scour Bangkok's murky river for treasure

Kneeling before his homemade metal scuba helmet, Bhoomin Samang prays for good fortune before he dives into the day's work -- scouring the bed of Bangkok's Chao Phraya river for sunken treasure.

Chile's rock art llamas divulge secrets of ancient desert culture

Open air rock paintings in the world's driest desert pay testament to the importance of the llama to millennia-old cultures that traversed the inhospitable terrain.


Seals enjoying the sunny weather on the Helgoland island beach in northern Germany.

Scream Horror

Actors from Knott's Scary Farm posing at the annual Midsummer Scream Horror Convention in Long Beach, California. The two-day event brings together special effects artists, horror fans and movie studios in preparation for Halloween.

Stone Age Park

Staff in Neolithic times clothes lighting a fire at the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen in Albersdor, Germany. The Stone Age Park is an open-air archaeological museum where visitors can try out handicraft and skills used in prehistoric times. Photo courtesy: AFP


Historical scenes are projected on the medieval Beaufort Castle, known in Arabic as Al-Shaqif Citadel, near the southern Lebanese town of Arnoun.


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