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UEC recognition: We have accepted, says PM

  • “We recognize UEC... To a certain extent, we have accepted!”

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 2 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is very easy for the government to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), as only a signature is needed.

However, he said the government must first address the issue of wealth inequality in the country, as it takes time to bring the different ethnic groups along with the bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak to the same economic level, adding that these people might feel they are getting less and the inequality is widening.

"In other countries there will be riots, fights and killings but here in Malaysia, the Malays, Chinese and Indians can live and work together peacefully.

"And some of them have even absorbed the Chinese culture... I myself am using chopsticks!"

One of the election pledges of Pakatan Harapan is to recognize the UEC, but this promise remains unfulfilled seven months after PH's election victory.

Responding to a question on why the government has held back UEC recognition during an interview with Sin Chew Daily, Tun Mahathir said when the Malays agreed to independence, they agreed to non-Malays being given citizenship.

"They believed by so doing they would have a country with one language, one culture, basic law and understanding.

"However they later found out that their language was not very well supported, and many people until now cannot speak Malay at all and yet we accept them."

He went on: "We recognize UEC. I have said many times, we recognize Cambridge and certificates issued by other countries, but you are asking this to be accepted by the government.

"To a certain extent, the government has already accepted," he asserted.



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