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Jho Low, you've nowhere to run!

  • You can't dodge your responsibility forever. The more you try to run, the more it proves your guilt. Photo courtesy: bernama

Sin Chew Daily

The RM1 billion Equanimity has been returned to Malaysia and finally steered back into the Malaysian waters.

However, unlike its name, this superyacht linked to the 1MDB scandal is not at all peaceful.

Even as it was quietly sailed in the high seas, the yacht had stirred enormous storms in several countries.

Indeed, there will be no peace with Equanimity unless and until its owner shows up.

It all started when the US Department of Justice accused that Equanimity was owned by Malaysian tycoon Jho Low using money stolen from 1MDB funds. The DOJ had in 2017 filed a court application to confiscate Equanimity as part of its investigation into the 1MDB scandal.

More recently, Indonesian President Joko Widodo accepted PM Mahathir's request to return Equanimity to Malaysia.

The AG's Chambers will decide what to do with the yacht, and the DOJ's next course of action will very much depend on what Malaysian authorities will do.

Once everything goes according to the procedures, the government will assume ownership of the yacht, and will very likely dispose of it. Mahathir has put it very forthright that the government has no intention of keeping the yacht. All it needs is cash.

Sure enough, Jho Low is not going to let his yacht be sold away, and has indeed through his lawyers claimed that the handover of Equanimity to the Malaysian authorities is illegal and politically motivated, although he falls short of explaining why it is illegal.

If he has bought the yacht with money stolen from 1MDB, he should have stood out to prove the accusers wrong instead of questioning the legality of the government's action.

He should have come back to Malaysia to clear his name and not go into hiding. How shameless is he to claim innocence having allegedly misappropriated such an immense sum of money from the sovereign fund!

The country has been embroiled in the 1MDB scandal for some years now, with the Equanimity being a key evidence and its owner a key person in this whole case.

Now that the yacht is in Malaysian government's custody, we will see with our own eyes how extravagant it is and how its owner has squandered the money from the country and her people in such a careless manner.

It is time for the key figure involved in this whole case to come back and explain. You can't dodge your responsibility forever. The more you try to run, the more it proves your guilt.



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