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Need to build mutual trust between parents, teachers

  • The children will suffer if teachers and parents are in a constantly confrontational mode.

Sin Chew Daily

The National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has outlined 15 dos and don'ts in a code of ethics for parents and guardians, and has hoped to start discussing this matter with the education ministry as soon as possible so as to put the said proposals into implementation.

There have been a fair deal of unpleasant incidents between parents and teachers lately, and in the more severe cases, such disputes have even been brought to police station or court.

In view of this, NUTP's proposals deserve some serious attention from all relevant parties.

This nevertheless does not mean the education ministry must accept all the NUTP proposals wholesale, but the ministry needs to deliberate this issue in greater depths with NUTP.

Among NUTP's proposals are: before the parents bring a case involving their children or school matters to the police or legal means, they should first talk to the school authorities. Besides, parents are also required to leave their helmets or anything that could pose potential dangers to any individual outside the school compounds. They are also not allowed to deliver any threatening e-mails, articles, voice recordings, etc. through social media or other tools.

Such proposals should help safeguard the reputation of the school as well as the personal safety of teaching staff. But more importantly, both the teachers and parents must strive to re-establish a harmonious working relationship in bringing the students back to the right track.

Conflicts have been occurring regularly between parents and teachers in more recent years. This shows the urgent need to establish cordial rapport between the two sides.

In 2015, the parent of a primary school student was jailed half a year and fined for slapping a teacher. Last November, a parent filed a police report that his daughter was slapped by a computer teacher.

Unpleasant things could happen when a parent unable to contain his or her emotions goes after a teacher at school. To avoid such incidents, it is utterly necessary for both teachers and parents to step up communication and rapport in order to settle whatsoever misunderstanding between them.

As earlier said, the children's education is not just the duty of any particular side. Both the parents and teachers have equally important roles to play. In view of this, they need to work together amicably for the benefit of the children.

Sure enough the children will suffer if teachers and parents are in a constantly confrontational mode.

We need to reiterate that while the various proposals by NUTP indeed help ensure the personal safety of teachers and minimize the potential threats, this alone will not solve the problem. More importantly a rational communication channel has to be established to bring teaches and parents closer together and work in unison for the best interest of the children.



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