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Over a frog's dead body? Who cares?

  • The best thing we can do with people like Ibrahim Ali is to ignore them and stay away from their nonsense.

Sin Chew Daily

Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali has vowed to fight till his last breath against the recognition of UEC in this country.

The Chinese community has grown smarter this time. Few have gone mad over what he said and none has waged a war against him or his Perkasa.

So, the issue does not go much further, nor have the media collaborated with him. Before long this whole thing has been put to rest.

Ibrahim Ali is a well recognized political frog, and this guy indeed takes a lot of pride in being one!

Who for Heaven's sake will ever be interested to cross a frog's dead body?

To be honest, this joker has the least intention of discussing the orthodoxy of UEC nor would he care to learn a little more about it. All he wants is to raise the issue and get the local Chinese community enraged.

So long as a Chinese-majority political party or civic organization fires the first bullet at him, he will be instantly made a warrior of the Malay society, one that will fiercely defend their rights.

The louder the curses hurled at him, the more exposure he will get, and hence significantly elevated social status.

UEC offers a rare opportunity for Ibrahim and his Perkasa to make a comeback having gone downhill in more recent months. But this will very much depend on whether he can get the involvement of the Chinese community.

If the Chinese community makes a big fuss about what he says and declares war against him, then he will get his way.

You may notice that Perkasa has gone into gradual decline over the past one year or so. Some attribute his fall to the rise of Jamal Yunus and his Red Shirts gang.

Nevertheless, Red Shirts and Perkasa are two very different entities. They have very different backgrounds and agendas too.

The Red Shirts embodies the personal political struggle of Jamal Yunus who invariably inherits Umno's political roadmap.

When Bersih was strong, it posed a serious threat to Umno, a confrontation between the civic society and the powers to be.

As the principal component of the Malaysian government, Umno is not politically right to clash with Bersih heads-on. That's when the Red Shirts would come into picture.

Jamal later found himself fighting the Selangor state government and MB Azmin Ali, which is easily understandable.

Selangor is Jamal's operating base and where all his ambitions are, while Umno has vowed to recapture the state, rendering Azmin and his Pakatan state administration its natural rivals.

Inconceivable and insensible as they are, Jamal's tricks are nevertheless well under control so long as Umno is unwilling to screw up inter-community relations.

With the election just around the corner, Jamal has changed his style, opening shop in town to win the favor of voters.

As for Perkasa, it started off as a rightist nationalist outfit unbound by politicians or the country's prevailing political climate. It could literally do whatever it wants practically unrestricted.

Ibrahim Ali's strategy is to shore up his own position among the Malay parties on both sides of the divide, offering a chance for parties to lean towards him.

That seemed to go very well with Mahathir, who became Perkasa's advisor.

Having later set up PPBM, Mahathir realized he could no longer work with Perkasa openly given the organization's notorious reputation and ultra poor acceptance among Chinese Malaysians, whose votes his PPBM needs.

As a matter of fact, PPBM and Perkasa are not completely unrelated. The establishment of PPBM offers large numbers of Perkasa followers a new port to dock at, allowing them to shift from a race-based pressure group to a race-based political party.

Perkasa's Penang and Selangor chiefs are now PPBM state chairpersons. In the past they targeted their firepower at Chinese Malaysians. Now it's BN they are fighting.

Ibrahim now finds himself alienated by the Malaysian society, including PPBM which would distance itself from him. So he has to start cooking up issues all over again to stay in public focus, especially with Umno general assembly in a fortnight.

The best thing we can do with people like Ibrahim Ali is to ignore them and stay away from their nonsense.



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