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Create a win-win situation

  • The nation's founding fathers did it. There is no reason we can't do it now!

Sin Chew Daily

Global Movement of Moderates Foundation (GMM) executive chairman Datuk Dr Nasharuddin Mat Isa visited Sin Chew Daily yesterday, and we had lengthy discussions on moderation.

While people are burning bridges, we are building a bridge of unity. Lip service on moderation and inclusiveness alone will not be able to create a win-win situation. More individuals and organizations are required to take action.

During the dialogue, I raised the question that living in a multiracial, multireligious and multicultural country, Malaysians should respect and accommodate one another. Unfortunately many people are caught in perpetual disputes over petty matters. Our friendly ties have since been damaged and extremists are gaining prominence in our society. The government does not walk the talk and moderation has since been reduced to an ideal we attempt to share with foreigners.

Frankly, as the second largest ethnic group in this country, Chinese or non-Muslims are helpless. They are not given the due respect.

Recently when the royalty voiced up in defense of racial unity and harmony in a bid to curb extremism in the name of religion, everyone ws elated. Many have looked forward to such voices of moderation. Hence, stop asking what Chinese Malaysians want. What we want is very simple: a peaceful home and a stable job.

We hope that the government will promote moderation and inclusiveness to achieve mutual respect among Malaysians of different ethnic groups and have more positive messages and positive dealings.

I must admit there are chauvinists and extremists in the Chinese community too. As an influential Chinese newspaper, Sin Chew Daily is willing to do its bit to help establish a loving, caring, harmonious and united society for Malaysia.

We believe in the power of the media and its social responsibility. Hence, after taking over the position of editor-in-chief, my team and I are moving towards this end. First, we launched the "warm power" column to carry reports on positive people and positive stories in shaping a society filled with positive energy. Having read their stories on Sin Chew Daily, readers would be inspired to help the others.

This is the era of post-truth. While people appear to be smarter, the reverse is true in reality. Smartphone have controlled our lives. People are constantly receiving pieces of fragmented junk news online, some fabricated with malicious intentions. People have lost the ability to differentiate the right from the wrong. They are reading and sharing misleading headlines. We are living in a fake and impatient society.

After launching the "Seeking Truth" column, we have carried follow-ups on fake stories and doctored photographs on the internet, Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat, clarifying each of them in order to bring back the truth.

As an orthodox and committed newspaper, Sin Chew Daily is shouldering the responsibility of rectifying the wrong and preventing groups from being exploited by individuals and politicians to fan public emotions, tarnish social harmony and national integrity.

We are prepared to build a bridge by launching a new column early next year to promote national unity, racial harmony and mutual love.

This is our contribution towards the nation and we need more people to help us propagate the value of moderation, joining the rank to defend this beautiful and culturally diverse country.

Let's do this together for win-win. The country will then be stable and peaceful.

The social contract we inherit from the nation's founding fathers has made it possible for the three major ethnic groups here to give up confrontation and doubt for inclusiveness and mutual trust. Such wisdom should be extended.

They did it. There is no reason we can't do it now!



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