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Keep our students from drugs

  • There are many reasons why a student gives in to drugs, including heavy workload, peer pressure, curiosity and boredom. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily

Drug addiction problem is getting increasingly serious in our schools and the public are urged to provide solutions that will address this issue as soon as possible.

Deputy home minster Nur Jazlan Mohamed recently revealed that the police and education ministry had identified 420 high-risk schools facing serious drug addiction problem nationwide.

If no actions are taken and the problem is allowed to worsen, it would eventually spell a major disaster for our young people.

Random checks conducted among 36,675 students in 2015 showed that 1,475 students were tested positive for drugs, while during the first six months of this year, 1,256 students were found to be abusing drugs, most of them first timers.

Despite the fact the situation is now under control, there is an apparent uptrend in the number of students addicted to drugs, showing that this problem is indeed getting worse and the authorities must stop the trend immediately.

Drug addiction among students is a serious and complicated issue and will have a negative impact on the health and academic performance of students, ruining their future.

The complexity of this problem stems from the fact that it is not caused by a single factor, and we need to look into it and identify the solutions from various aspects.

Indeed, the authorities have adopted certain measures to tackle the problem of drug addiction at schools, such as awareness programs for affected students to keep them away from drugs. Nevertheless, this alone is not enough to resolve this highly complicated social issue. Besides identifying the students affected by drugs, most importantly we need to stop the spread of the problem from its root.

There are many reasons why a student gives in to drugs, including heavy workload, peer pressure, curiosity and boredom. The authorities must conduct in-depth studies before they can come up with effective solutions to tackle the issue.

Perhaps they can introduce healthy activities for students to help them build their self-confidence, healthy personalities and stronger determination to resist the temptation of drugs.

In the meantime, regular awareness campaigns must be organized at schools to convey a positive message to the vulnerable students.

School authorities must monitor the students' performance closely, and must step in immediately once signs of drug abuse are detected.

Family is another crucial factor. Parents must cooperate with school authorities to ensure their children come under adequate supervision in minimizing their exposure to drugs.

The enforcement authorities, meanwhile, must cut off the supply of drugs to schools so that students will not have an easy access to them.

As mentioned earlier, drug problem among students is a highly complicated social issue that warrants intervention from different approaches. It is imperative that the government, enforcement authorities, schools and parents work together in creating a drug-free environment for our students.


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