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Traditional hand-made coconut candy

  • Huang's self-recipe traditional hand-made coconut candy is a big hit among consumers. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Huang's traditional hand-made coconut candy. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Coconut candy in colorful wrappers. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew DailyT
  • The tedious and time-consuming cooking process that requires constant stirring. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

SUNGAI SIPUT (Sin Chew Daily) -- Young people generally admire city life and will flee their rural homes as far as possible.

Not for 29-year-old Huang Zhenghao.

The Sungai Siput-born young man, like many others, went outstation to make a living after his graduation, but his native town always has a special place in his heart.

Last year, he quit his job and went back home to start his own business with his younger brother.

Their initial venture did not work out quite well and he finished off most of his savings.

"I think this place is very comfortable. No traffic congestion. The air is good, and we have foggy mornings too!

"And you have the company of your family, eat healthier home-cooked food, and have lots of nice uncles and aunties to greet you."

Own recipe

Huang's family is actually running the Mee Hiong Yuen Groundnut Factory in town, and as third generation heir to the business, by right he should work at the family factory and later inherit the business.

But, this is not what he wants.

"My grandfather started the business from scratch to set up Mee Hiong Yuen, and I want to personally experience that kind of persistence he had when he started his career."

Having graduated with a food science and engineering degree from a Chinese university, Huang first worked for an agricultural company in Johor for a year before moving over to a candy factory in Rawang.

He now turns to the manufacturing of hand-made coconut candy, with his brother taking charge of sales and marketing.

Due to financial constraints, he has to do most of the work himself, including boiling, cooling and molding the coconut candy.

The only employee he hires is an Indian lady helping to pack the product, which is free of artificial coloring and flavoring.


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