Restoring a piece of history

An ancient book on display at IAMM. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily) -- A conservator or a restorer is a person who gives a new lease of life to aged or damaged artifacts with the objective of restoring their original looks as much as possible.

In Malaysia, there is one place where you can see these people work, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia diagonally opposite Masjid Negara.

IAMM is the only museum in the country that houses its own conservation center.

Conservators are working quietly inside this center which is normally out of bounds to visitors.

The artifacts they work on include torn ancient books, porcelains, drawings, metallic utensils, ancient stones, etc. which have been acquired in auctions worldwide, restoring them to their closest original looks even if 100% restoration is almost impossible.

Working inside the lab are experts hailing from all over the world who have been fascinated by the beauty of the Islamic art and would travel across the globe to restore an endless collection of ancient artifacts here.

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