Producing snakeskin for the world

Snakeskin can be made into a wide array of luxurious products. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

BAGAN DATOH (Sin Chew Daily) -- A snakeskin handbag could easily fetch a whopping RM20,000, and Malaysia is a major source of snakeskin made into luxurious accessories in countries like Korea, Japan and China.

Soon Heng Reptile Trading Sdn Bhd in Hutan Melintang, Perak, produces high quality snakeskin for export markets.

The company's managing director Alex Ng told Sin Chew Daily his family was initially involved in the trading of wild animals for food, and started producing snakeskin only about 12 years ago.

Lack of downstream activities

He said Malaysia as a tropical country is teeming with pythons, geckos and sea snakes whose skin is of great demand in the global market.

"We purchase the snakeskin from villagers and then process the skin."

Ng said python skin is the most valuable due to its beautiful natural stripes and patterns, followed by that of geckos and sea snakes.

He said the acquired snakeskin would be instantly dried and then trimmed, dyed, disinfected, sterilized and preserved before it is marketed.

He lamented that despite the fact Malaysia produces some of the best snakeskin in the world, no local businesses have attempted to venture into downstream manufacturing.

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