From the outer space

These rare meteorites offer the visitors a glimpse into the mysterious outer space. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

MELAKA (Sin Chew Daily) -- Titi Art Gallery located along Melaka's Jalan Tukang Emas has a public display of more than 30 rare meteorites which will give the visitors a glimpse into the mysterious outer space.

Indeed, these meteorites are the only extraterritorial objects we can touch and feel and conduct in-depth researches on.

A meteorite is a solid debris from an object such as a comet, asteroid or meteoroid originating in the outer space and survives its passage through the Earth's atmosphere.

When the object enters the atmosphere, friction, pressure, and chemical interactions with atmospheric gases will cause it to heat up and form a fireball known as a shooting star.

Glossy surface

There are estimated 500 pieces of such debris falling onto the Earth's surface every year, although only five to ten are eventually discovered and identified by scientists.

When approached by Sin Chew Daily, Titi Art Gallery's Titi Kwok said it was not difficult to tell between a meteorite and an ordinary rock.

"When the debris flies past the atmosphere, its surface will be heated to several thousand degrees Celsius.

"Under such intense heat, the rock's surface will melt and when it later slows down due to air resistance, the molten surface will harden again to become a glossy surface," Kwok explained.

"This molten surface is very thin, normally about 1mm thick, and is either black or brown in color."

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