A glimpse into 1920s Kuantan

Chuah displaying the tools he inherited from his grandfather. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

KUANTAN (Sin Chew Daily) -- A septuagenarian has decided to donate over a hundred pieces of pre-war woodwork tools to the local museum in hope of giving the public a glimpse into life in early 20th century.

These tools have been passed down to Chuah, a pastry hawker, from his grandfather who traveled all the way from China in the 1920s to make a living in Kuantan.

He told Sin Chew Daily, "My grandfather set up Kuantan's first woodwork factory specializing in sawn wood, furniture and coffin manufacturing.

"Other than some of the parts such as saw blade, drill and planer blade brought in by the British, the rest of the tools or parts were made by my grandfather himself."

He went on, "These tools look simple and clumsy, unlike the modern machines we have today."

Chuah said these tools, some already oxidized and rusty, were passed down to his uncle after his grandfather passed away, before he later inherited them.

"They carried a lot of my childhood memories, as I always went to my grandfather's factory to play while I was young."

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