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Persecution or godsend?

  • RoS' demand a persecution? To me it's more like a huge bonanza for DAP that comes completely effortless.

Sin Chew Daily

My friend texted me, venting his frustration.

"I thought I have become indifferent to politics and would not allow politicians to disturb my peace, but the order for DAP to hold fresh CEC elections really enrages me again!"

"Serious? Why?"

"The CEC elections were held so long ago, and now they say there are problems. Obviously this is political persecution."

"But, that's RoS instruction, and RoS has said the 2013 elections were not using the candidates' list for 2012 as required by law."

I quoted the newspaper report.

"I don't care what list it is. All I know is that it's political manipulation against the Rocket," he asserted.

"Why must RoS do this to DAP?" I asked, sort of purposely.

"Of course on instruction from above."

"From above?"

"Umno! Who else?"

"I think I can understand how you feel, but what will Umno gain if it really tries to do this?"

"To create trouble for DAP!"

"Is holding fresh elections that difficult at all?" I asked, from the bottom of my heart.

"Of course!"

So ended our text conversation, albeit abruptly.

To be honest, I really have nothing against his views, which also represent how most DAP supporters as well as middle voters may think.

But, there are more questions deep inside me.

If this is a form of intervention from BN, or a political persecution as most people tend to think, then who is being persecuted in the first place?

On the surface, DAP will be the one to suffer, but in reality this may not be the case.

Thanks to the incident, a strong cohesive force has been produced among DAP's members and supporters, along with sympathy from the public towards the party.

Like this friend of mine who has actually grown indifferent to politics but suddenly gets agitated once again.

People have shown more compassion for DAP, and more frustration towards BN. Of course, both MCA and Gerakan have been made easy scapegoats for all this.

This appears to be a huge bonanza for DAP that comes completely effortless.

So long as Ahmad Zahid and Umno guys keep talking about it, newspapers keep reporting it, and social media keeps cooking up the issue, DAP will continue to gain from public frustration towards the establishment.

No one will bother about RoS registration rules or even try to listen to the explanation from the other side.

As for the DAP leadership, they don't actually need to worry about holding fresh CEC elections. After the 2013 elections, Lim Guan Eng has already excluded all dissidents and rival factions from the party's core leadership.

If fresh elections were to be held again, only his people will be able to run!

Moreover, if the 2013 elections were not valid, the sec-gen's second term should also be void and be extended for another term with fresh elections.

Isn't that too good to be true?


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