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Need for RoS to clear the air

  • RoS must explain why DAP should hold fresh CEC elections again after four years. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily

The Registry of Societies has instructed DAP to hold fresh CEC elections, but the party insists that it already held the elections in 2013, and therefore the issue of holding fresh elections is non-existent.

DAP says it will seek to meet RoS officials as soon as possible after it has received the official letter from the RoS in order to clarify on the instruction to hold fresh CEC elections.

We understand that RoS' letter will be handed over to DAP next week, but judging from the existing circumstances, DAP seems to have little intention of holding fresh elections as instructed. In its stead, the party wants to settle the issue through a dialogue.

The 14th general election will be held soon, and if DAP must force through the CEC elections now, its preparations for general election will invariably be affected.

If the party insists not to hold fresh party elections, it will have to bear an even bigger political risk.

DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has warned that DAP cannot field its own candidates in GE14 if it fails to abide by the RoS order of holding fresh CEC elections, because the party's leadership is deemed illegitimate and therefore cannot sign any appointment letter.

This matter has not only caused a lot of trouble for DAP but has also triggered controversies in the Malaysian society. It is necessary for RoS to further explain its decision to demand fresh CEC elections from DAP in order to dispel public doubts. Failing to do this will only serve to dent the statutory body's credibility.

As a matter of fact, the opposition suspects that the move is "politically motivated". Nevertheless, the DPM has clarified that he did not have a hand in the RoS decision, nor was he involved in this matter.

That said, there are still doubts that need to be explained.

The incident had its root in a vote-counting lapse in DAP's party elections in 2012. In July the following year, RoS instructed DAP to hold fresh elections, which the party followed two months later.

However, the authorities have refused to confirm the election results until several days ago when RoS said there were irregularities in DAP's 2013 CEC elections, and demanded that the party hold fresh elections again.

The question is: why do the authorities want DAP to hold fresh party elections again after four years? The authorities must give a good explanation on this.

In addition, RoS wants DAP to hold the elections based on the list of candidates for 2012 CEC elections, which is again controversial as the list is no longer relevant today.

RoS must show some degree of professionalism in handling this matter justly. It must give DAP and the Malaysian public a reasonable explanation that this whole thing has not been politically motivated but is purely a question of administrative fairness and efficiency.


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