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  • Our leaders must make changes, advocate new ideologies and discard old school thoughts of using racial politics to garner support.

Sin Chew Daily

The US Department of Justice filed a civil forfeiture complaint to confiscate US$1.7bn (RM7.2bn) worth of assets from 1MDB on June 16. This is the third action taken by DOJ on the company tainted with scandals. When news spread, Pakatan Harapan leaders were excited. As long as the issue has not ended, they can continue to go after Malaysian official 1.

The general public have too many questions on 1MDB. Barisan Nasional should take a serious view on this matter, offer a thorough explanation to close the chapter and not to let the disputes continue to extend.

As of now, the DOJ has filed suit to seize jewwels, yacht, paintings and high-end condominiums. Singapore has treated 1MDB case as a lesson to reinforce its monitoring and control on money laundering, as well as taking unprecedented actions against banking institutions and individuals involved.

However, our AG Apandi was telling Malaysians that after investigations by various enforcement agencies, there was no evidence 1MDB had involved in misappropriation of funds. People are in doubt: why US and Singapore have plenty of evidences to defend the interests of their own countries.

Former Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, who retired on April 30 last year, revealed in an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily recently that handling the1MDB case was one of her toughest moments when she was in office.

The interview was Zeti's first interview with the local media one year after her retirement as Bank Negara governor. She also spoke about the current economy, racial ties and her retirement life. The stories would be out over the next few days in national, business and features sections of Sin Chew Daily.

On IMDB issue, BN has accused opposition parties of relying on foreign forces to intervene in the domestic affairs, including distorting the civil suits filed by DOJ in a bid to sabotage prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as well as the international image of the country.

In fact, in the midst of complicated international relations, US is unhappy with Malaysia, seen to be extremely pro-China. Hence, it is giving Najib a taste of its prowess. Such conspiracy theory has its market share too. A one-line rebuttal of "no evidence to show abuse of funds by 1MDB" is extremely weak. The government should produce more evidence to prove malice on Washington's part.

Sin Chew Daily has published the statements by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on 1MDB on its front page on May 31 and June 17, along with DOJ's announcement to seize 1MDB's assets. The news articles received complaints later, claiming that Sin Chew Daily was being unfriendly.

To Sin Chew Daily, we place the interest of the country and her people as our priority. We would give our unreserved support to any political party or coalition which can bring development to the country and fairness to all people and respect press freedom. Unfortunately, the existing political parties and coalitions fall far below people's expectations. In the coming general election, teh voters are still forced to pick between the rotten apples and rotten oranges.

All politicians are similar. They are only thinking of press freedom with favorable news on them. If the media are giving extensive coverage on negative news of their opponents, they are seen as being fair. If a piece of article is not in their favor, you will be perceived as being unfair or one-sided, despite having published ten articles in their favor. The paper is then subject to sabotage for being bought over by someone. BN works thisway; so do Pakatan Harapan and DAP.

To make things worse, some Chinese businessmen are apple polishers to those in power, bad-mouthing the media for their personal interests. Where is their conscience for the country and the people? Is personal interest the only thing left for them? The media are only keen to play their role as the fourth estate to shape a first-class Malaysia and report Malaysian stories.

In today's world where information is acquired in a matter of seconds, the general public are no longer easily convinced by political speeches, no matter how persuasive they sound. Everyone hopes to have a first-class national leader, a top-notch and efficient administrative system, harmonious relations among the ethnic groups and be proud of Malaysia at any moment.

But, our leaders do not help the people achieve this dream. Instead, they sow the seed of hatred and suspicion among the people to achieve their political and personal gains while eyeing for a chance to reap the nation's wealth. BN and Pakatan are moving within their old frames and fail to create a new breakthrough.

In order to seek continuous public support, existing leaders must make changes, advocate new ideologies and discard old school thoughts of using racial politics to garner support.

Otherwise, a young team comprising all ethnic groups with a far-sighted vision and ideologies should come forward to seriously think about the fate of this country.

The country needs a new political party, new leaders and new ideologies to build a Malaysian dream for all who truly love this country.


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