My Sinchew

  • Smoking chimp from Iraq finds refuge in Kenya
    2016-12-10 15:12

    Separated from his mother shortly after birth, Manno the chimpanzee was smuggled to Iraq and spent his days smoking cigarettes handed to him by amused zoo visitors and posing for pictures.

  • People of Kinshasa welcome back their postmen
    2016-12-10 12:23

    "Getting a letter in the post is a first for me, and what's more at home!" says Odette Tshibambe, a student in her thirties in Kinshasa.

  • Back to reality TV: Trump retains 'Apprentice' credit
    2016-12-09 20:07

    President-elect Donald Trump is to stay on as executive producer on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" when it returns after a two-year absence, the show confirmed on Thursday.

  • Things Umno needs to know
    2016-12-09 19:59

    Umno's ignorance has not only created more division in the country and frustration among the local Chinese, but has also usurped the Malay society of a rare opportunity to jump onto the Chinese bandwagon.

  • S. Korea parliament impeaches scandal hit president
    2016-12-09 16:25

    South Korean lawmakers on Friday passed an impeachment motion against President Park Geun-Hye, stripping away her sweeping executive powers over a corruption scandal that paralysed her administration and triggered massive street protests.

  • UN calls on Suu Kyi to visit crisis-hit Rakhine
    2016-12-09 13:04

    The UN has urged Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi to visit northern Rakhine state, where the army is accused of carrying out a brutal crackdown on the Muslim Rohingya minority.

  • In Germany, some Muslim refugees convert to Christianity
    2016-12-09 11:34

    Clad in white at a Berlin church, asylum seekers Saeed, Veronica, Farida and Matin were just about to become Christians on a recent Sunday.

  • Puppies, lip balm and drama at S. Korea scandal hearing
    2016-12-09 10:52

    A televised hearing into a massive political scandal has turned into a daily drama fix for millions of South Koreans, riveted by its moveable cast of pampered tycoons, tough-talking lawmakers and an oddly heroic toyboy.

> Things Umno needs to know

2016-12-09 19:59
Umno's ignorance has not only created more division in the country and frustration among...
Many young Malaysians have incurred debts at levels way beyond their ability to cope.

> Tongkat and the Malay race

2016-12-07 19:06
"The day a (Singapore) Malay assumes the Elected President through a reserved race will...
Political realignment is still on-going. While the opposition camp has yet to conclude its...

> Back to square one

2016-12-06 07:35
Perhaps what we Malaysians need to ponder is that after the country has been independent...

> Deepening social polarization

2016-12-05 18:23
If Najib works with PAS in creating a country that conforms to Islamic teachings in order...
Today, more than ever, we are seeing mayors and council presidents playing pro-active roles...

> Think before buying

2016-12-03 12:04
For Malaysia to join the ranks of high-income countries, we need to get serious in building...

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