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  • N. Korea food production down in 2018
    2018-12-15 11:25

    North Korea's food production has fallen this year due to unfavorable weather conditions.

  • Green thumb spruces up Bangladesh one tree at a time
    2018-12-14 15:03

    Ohid Sarder prises a rusted nail from a tree and drops it into his bucket, another eyesore scrubbed from the countryside as he embarks on a one-man mission to clean up Bangladesh.

  • Togo's barter market: keeping tradition alive and poverty at bay
    2018-12-14 13:41

    Alohou Papa stands in the middle of the bustling market in Togoville and blows hard on a bright red whistle to catch everyone's attention.

  • Everyone's a winner: Taiwan's claw crane craze
    2018-12-14 10:04

    As Taiwan's economy stagnates, claw crane arcades where customers lower a grabber to try to pick up a prize from a glass box are booming as affordable entertainment, while operators see them as a way to make a fast buck.

  • Former Puteri Umno chief joins PPBM
    2018-12-13 15:43

    Masjid Tanah MP Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin today announced that she is joining Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).

  • Shahidan: a historical event to take place in KL
    2018-12-13 15:25

    Shahidan says he is currently in KL and is prepared to witness a historical event that could happen in the blink of an eye, like a "magic".

  • Kukup
    2018-12-13 13:08

    The jurisdiction of the Johor royalty goes way beyond what constitutional experts can expound, and will perhaps develop into a constitutional issue or a political battleground?

  • Canada says second citizen 'missing' in China
    2018-12-13 12:54

    A second Canadian citizen who has been questioned by authorities in China is "presently missing", Canadian officials said Thursday, adding to tensions following the arrest of a top Chinese telecom executive on a US request in Vancouver.

> Kukup

2018-12-13 13:08
The jurisdiction of the Johor royalty goes way beyond what constitutional experts can expound...
The government must take a big stride forward, reform the existing system and deepen democratic...
It won't be a bad thing if in future such a civilized street rally culture could be perpetuated...

> More than just anti-ICERD

2018-12-07 19:59
Participating in the rally may not be just for ICERD but could also be a convenient outlet...

> A gathering uncalled for

2018-12-06 12:40
Where political manipulation reigns supreme, we see once again that this country is shrouded...

> Can Umno go without MCA?

2018-12-05 13:06
Save for a major shift in the country's political ecosystem, Umno will still need MCA. While...
PH should not bask in the failure of the opposition, for the key to keeping itself continuously...

> Small hearts

2018-12-03 13:09
Our world is large enough but many still fear to tread outside their comfort zones.

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